The event for aspiring entrepreneurs in Steinkjer

The PRO-motion project was introduced and presented to aspiring entrepreneurs at a full-day event aimed to give them practical resources for their future careers as employers.
On the 14th of December 2023, KBT Fagskole and Trøndelag Fylkeskommune, together with Prios Kompetanse, organized an event for Ukrainian immigrants in Trøndelag that are participating in an entrepreneurship course aimed to support them in starting their own entrepreneurships in Norway. Some of them have already started their companies, while other`s are still working on finalizing their business ideas and business models before starting up.
The event combined the two study groups of the course, from Steinkjer and Trondheim, for an immersive day of learning and networking. The participants had multiple lectures and workshops throughout the day.
During the second half of the event Lovisa Ulfarsdottir from Prios Kompetanse introduced them to the PRO-motion project and how High Sensitivity can be an asset in work life in a presentation that was tailored to meet the needs of fresh entrepreneurs, and in relations to the topic of brand management. This meant introducing the core concepts of HSP, talking about the DOES, the myths, and truths, and highlighting HSP qualities that can be a strength in the workplace.
Finally, she highlighted the results of the PRO-motion project, the digital tool and shared brochures and answered questions about the project to participants. There was a lot of interest in the topic, as it turns out many of the participants were not familiar with HSP from before and felt it was good knowledge both for personal and professional life.