Portuguese National Event for Recruiters

On January 18th, APSU organized the National Promotion Event. Numerous stakeholders were invited to enhance their understanding of the project. These stakeholders hailed from the entrepreneurial environment, including Human Resource specialists, SME owners, employers, and employees. Throughout the event, APSU showcased the work already undertaken for the project, encompassing various interviews, focus groups, round tables, and desk research. The results derived from this effort were presented to the audience, along with an overview of the project’s strategies to address arising needs. Following this initial presentation, the focus shifted to the ongoing work in the Promotion Platform, as well as developments related to the composition of the scientific article. The audience was given the opportunity to seek clarification on any questions or doubts at the conclusion. This event held significant relevance for the project’s future! Links: https://www.facebook.com/apsuprojectmanagement/posts/pfbid02VhryQ8KX98mp9MUxLiLZupFR4geV9LD9KJ4bgEtRRQNyrGyc92oWfoRd1jGke5Balhttps://www.facebook.com/apsuprojectmanagement/posts/pfbid0GZuR3LS7Lev9J6KLrSVbVAqLeJbV44J1jh3ufrZvNkxRq97qKUXys4h81nkrTY2kl